Contrast Agent Makes Early-Stage of Lymph Node Cancer-Metastases Visible

Radboudumc has used Combidex (Ferumoxtran-10) from the Nijmegen company SPL Medical successfully in hundreds of patients; a new investment round for European registration of Combidex.

The Nijmegen-based SPL Medical, a spin-off from Radboudumc, has a unique MRI contrast agent (Combidex) that can detect early-stage cancer metastases in the lymph nodes. The contrast agent has been used at Radboudumc in hundreds of cancer patients. Through new investments by the German pharmaceutical company b.e. imaging GmbH and PPM Oost, SPL Medical wants to finance European registration of Combidex to enable the diagnosis of prostate cancer metastases in the lymph nodes.

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1 June, 2017 - 16:29