Shareholders and Supervisory Board

Shareholders of Oost NL

  • Ministry of Economic Affairs with 54.6 percent shares;

  • The province of Gelderland with 29,8 percent shares;

  • The province of Overijssel with 13.2 percent shares.

  • University of Twente with 2.4 percent shares.

  • Twente Region with 1 share.

Supervisory Board

A Supervisory Board supervises East Netherlands Development Agency (Oost NL)

  • G.H.N.L. van Woerkom (Supervisory Board Chairman)
  • drs H.A. Doek (SB Member, Audit Officer)
  • D.J. Klein Essink (SB Member, Audit Officer)
  • G. Braaksma BSc (SB Member, Audit Officer)
  • E. Habes (SB Member, Audit Officer)