Crown Jewel


From diamond in the rough to crown jewel. This tells the story of the Aeronautic Holding company over the past 7 years. Based in Almelo, this supplier to the aircraft industry was begun in 2005 with the help from Oost NL. Years of intensive cooperation have paid off in strong growth, and the management of Aeronautic has bought back the shares that were held by Oost NL. 



Aeronamic designs, develops, produces and delivers Air Management systems, inclusion air conditioning, starter motors and turbines for aircraft. The company, which has locations in both Almelo and in Sibiu (Romania) has a total of 110 employees.

The CEO of Aeronamic, Dick Alta, is quite enthusiastic about the cooperation with PPM Oost:

“Oost NL has been a loyal shareholder. They’ve had a constant eye on the continuity of the business. They were involved, but never presumed to try and take my place. We hope that Oost NL is able to put the funding we’ve been able to pay back to finance new young, startup, high-tech companies in the region. We hope these companies have a similar experience to ours and receive the same amount of committed guidance.”

Investing in Growth

Oost NL invests in companies that have convincing growth plans. Typically a participation project runs between 5 - 7 years. At the end of this term, Oost NL searches to see if their role can be assumed by another party, or if the company has sufficiently grown to be able to proceed under its own power. The latter was clearly the case with Aeronamic.