Elestor, an Arnhem based company, founded in 2014, has developed an innovative battery technology based on hydrogen bromide flow battery technology, for use in large scale storage applications.


The innovative flow battery offers a number of unique features resulting in very low storage costs per kWh. The system is based on a robust, patented design, which enables production of large series. The ultra-low storage cost per kWh is exactly what is required to boost the transition to a 100% sustainable energy supply, especially in those areas where reliable energy production is seasonal or depends on daily weather conditions (sun, wind, etc.).

The first prototype version on a smaller sale (1kW / 10 kWh) has been developed and a pilot was started in November 2016. Pilot partners were the University of Applied Sciences Arnhem/Nijmegen (HAN), ECN and Witteveen+Bos in Deventer.

Prior to commercial roll out, testing of large systems under real conditions will take place in 2018 in an international INTERREG consortium, consisting of both Dutch and German business partners working closely together. In this program, Elestor will demonstrate its battery technology as well as the corresponding business cases in cooperation with various partners, including German energy suppliers and aggregators.


Oost NL has worked together with Elestor, the KiEMT Foundation and other SME companies in developing this international partnership, as well as by applying for funding through INTERREG. Elestor secured financing in 2015 through Oost NL from the Gelderland for Innovations (GvI) fund in order to continue the development of this patented battery technology.