RedMedtech Ventures

The RedMedtech Ventures program has made an enormous impact over the past four years on the development of a number of very promising innovations. Its impact was the result of favorable, and well-timed, capital injections and support given to start-ups in the Life Sciences & Health sector.


What exactly did RedMedtech do to create this impact? € 5.5 million to 20 innovative start-ups over 4 years. This funding were in the form of IP, pre-seed and proof-of-concept loans. These early injections were the catalyst for knock-on financing by additional creditors, as well as the impetus for forming new cooperative relationships.  The companies who received the initial financing from RedMedtech were able to secure an additional € 12.6 million through loans, subsidies, crowdfunding and/or issuance of shares. Ultimately, some of the funds distributed by RedMedtech turned out to be revolving: due to early repayment by one of the companies, the extended credit was available to be invested in additional companies.

The impact of RedMedtech Ventures was not only due to capital investment. Perhaps more importantly, their efforts resulted in having medical specialists and entrepreneurs having direct exposure to each other. This resulted in a happy collision of different perspectives, where each other’s ideas and knowledge could be translated into concrete innovations in healthcare.

Program management

Oost NL managed the RedMedtech Ventures program and played an important role in executing various working programs. These activities were a seamless match to the customary role of Oost NL: providing knowledge, financing, contacts and access to networks by innovative entrepreneurs.

drs. A. Schippers (Alexander)
senior project manager Development & Innovations
0031 6 289 091 78