Building at NTC

The developments in the area of Health & High Tech in Nijmegen are growing rapidly. In the past year, the company NXP announced sale of two of their businesses and their establishing a headquarters in Nijmegen at the Novio Tech Campus (NTC).


Similarly, the company EPR has decided to open a location at the NTC. EPR is a full service provider and partner for the delivery of  Electronics Modules and complete systems. It is focused on the design and development of technologically advanced solutions in microelectronics for various applications, including Health and Smart Systems. With their new building, EPR is making a statement towards the ‘campus concept,’ seeing as the location of the building is smack in the middle of the Novio Tech Campus. One of the conditions for companies to partner with EPR and locate in their building, for example, is that they as well adhere to the campus concept. Some entrepreneurs may see this as a barrier, but EPR sees it clearly as an opportunity. By hewing to the profile of the location, the environment in which they all operate remains of high technical value and keeps the focus on Health & High Tech.

Business support

Oost NL has been supporting the ecosystem around the Novio Tech Campus for years, sometimes in the form of business support, as well in the area of infrastructure.