Insulin Pump

The DiaLin is an innovative, internal insulin pump that gives very exact doses to patients with diabetes. The device, developed by the company IPaDiC (Internal Pump and Diabetes Control), uses smart sensors to regulate blood sugar optimally. The pump reduces the number of hospital visits, is self-cleaning, has a lifespan of 10 years, and is readable through bluetooth from any location in the world. This pump is responsible for an enormous improvement in the quality of life for patients suffering from diabetes.

“The DiaLin saves type-1 diabetes patients, who are eligible to receive an internally placed insulin pump, much stress. The patient is always ‘under control’ - everything is checked and double-checked,” states Gerrit Stam, general manager of IPaDiC. He should know: he’s had 20 years of experience as an expert in the usage of insulin pumps. The DiaLin was conceived by an internist in Zwolle together with diabetes specialist Henk Bilo of the Isala Clinics. The concept is nearly completed. “We’re just about ready, in cooperation with patients, to build a physical prototype,” says Stam.


Oost NL and Health Innovation Park Zwolle have helped IPaDiC to find sponsors for the execution of clinical trials and the eventual introduction into the market. One of the options is crowdfunding. In addition, Oost NL is helping the search for parties who can supply components for the three sections that comprise the DiaLin: the insulin pump, the communication unit, and the service island.

www.ipadic.com (Dutch language only)