Solid Bonding

Lemen Adhesives is comprised of a joint venture between Dutch and Turkish companies. It is specialized in the production of high-value solid bonding adhesives. The market for these products is growing, which a small marketing and sales team is pursuing over a large number of European companies from their company location in Haaksbergen. The Turkish partner Denlaks produces the adhesives in Istanbul, which also includes a small R&D location. Operations are directed from the Haaksbergen location. The planning is to also establish a production line location in Haaksbergen.


Growth plans

The Invest in Holland network works as a regional partner with Oost NL and the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA). The NFIA Istanbul location supported Denlaks in setting up this joint venture. Their support was mostly in promoting the advantages of the Dutch business environment as well as a number of other aspects of doing business in the Netherlands, such as establishing the proper form of business, arranging various residence and work permits, and the ins-and-outs of the Dutch taxation system. NFIA’s promotion of the Netherlands was so convincing, that Denlaks decidedly chose for a joint venture with a Dutch partner. Oost NL is working with Lemen Adhesives to focus on their future growth plans in the region of Twente.



J.H. Ligtenberg (Henk)
senior advisor International
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