Mineral Valley

Innovation Program

A healthy foundation is a prerequisite for the sustainable and high-quality production of healthy and delicious food. 

In the east of the Netherlands, in the region of Twente, the quality of much of the arable land leaves much to be desired: sandy foundations that quickly leach nutrients. This is neither good for the farmer nor for the environment. Faced with this challenge, 14 of the city governments in Twente got together to work on an innovative program for the agrarian economy in the region; a program focused on both the challenges and opportunities of fertilizer and the soil.

An important part of the program is focused on the soil condition. The other is looking for innovative solutions for a surfeit of animal manure. Raw manure contains many important elements that are applicable in agriculture, but can also be used in other contexts. For example, processed manure can be used for producing textiles and other products.

The 14 city governments in Twente are working together to build a solid economic foundation as well as to promote a healthy and sustainable agriculture sector. Their vision is to establish a Mineral Valley Twente by the year 2030 in which manure plays a high-value role in the regional economy as well as the quality of soil foundation.


The program finds connections with existing initiatives in the region and helps strengthen connections and cooperation throughout the region. The organizations that are involved in this initiative include the LTO, NVV/POV, Friesland Campina, Waterschap Vechtstromen, ForFarmers, Rabobank, manure processors and distributors, knowledge institutions, the province of Overijssel, and Oost NL.

Once the financing has been secured for Mineral Valley Twente, Oost NL will be designated as one of the executors of the operational program.