The magic of instant photography

Milwaukee (USA) based company Retrospekt has opened their Dutch office in Enschede in May of this year. The company provides camera stores worldwide with an inventory of vintage Polaroid cameras. Retrospekt buys and refurbishes used cameras and so brings back the magic of instant photography to a new generation.


The reason for their expansion to Europe is to be closer to their biggest client based in The Netherland and get access to the purchase potential of used cameras available in Europe. The operations will start with 5 employees and is expected to grow to 10 in the coming three years.

Retrospekt was supported by the global “Invest in Holland” network. Oost NL and the NFIA in Chicago provided services with regards to immigration, work permits, starting up the business and getting USA staff settled in The Netherlands, also involving regional partners like the Expat Center Twente.

Owner Adam Fuerst: The process of establishing an international company can seem quite intimidating and complicated. However, with the services of “Invest in Holland” network we were able to get the help we needed along the way from a well connected and experienced staff dedicated to bringing new business to Holland. Without this service we would have taken 2-3 times longer to get our business established, resulting in lost opportunities, lost revenue, and a much higher startup cost to consult with experts to assist in the process. I would highly recommend this service to any entrepreneur considering bringing his/her company to Europe.

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