Ropositioning activities & goals

Online and multichannel retail is growing rapidly, both in sales volume and numbers of competitors. In the Netherlands, the returns policy is governed by the “Distance Sales” law which gives every customer the right to return an item of purchase for up to 14 days after receipt. Most retailers opt to honor this right for up to 30 days. Re-Shelve specializes in optimizing this return process for non-food purchases, which can affect up to 60% of the purchases made through online retailers. In collaboration with its partners, Re-Shelve collects data intelligence which transforms the “return to warehouse” process into “return to cash.”

The repositioning of activities and goals from iForce to Re-Shelve is the logical result of a shift to online and multichannel retailers.These activities were consolidated in April 2015 and renamed as Re-Shelve BV, and remained under one roof at the “Gateway to Mid-Gelderland” (Dutch: Poort van Midden Gelderland) in Heteren.   

Solid basis

This strategic repositioning was supported by the province of Gelderland, via Oost NL, in cooperation with the city of Nijmegen. For the region Intersection Arnhem Nijmegen (Dutch: Knooppunt Arnhem Nijmegen (KAN)) the result is expected to grow to some 70 employees over the coming two years. The city of Nijmegen has been able to support Re-Shelve by providing access to a workforce of able-bodied workers but who have nevertheless had difficulty with job prospects. This collaboration forms a solid basis for a long-term relationship for the future.


ing. B.T.W. Kemperink (Bernold)
senior project manager International
0031 6 288 760 89